lanuague Courses

All humans are born with a need to communicate. Language is the tool which allows them to do this. It begins very simply with crying sounds used to tell the parents how they are feeling and builds up quickly, by the age of 5 they can usually use a huge rane of words, put together in complex sentences to describe, question, discuss, express feelings etc.

Language has to be learnt. All babies babble in some way, even deaf babies. Language development begins at birth – a new mothers first reaction when holding her baby is to hold her close to her chest and look directly into her face and talk to her. This is the surest way to give her baby the best start.Communication plays a vital role in our daily life. To acquire good communication, command on four language skills is important i.e. Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

  • Certificate Course in Arabic Language.
  • Certificate Course in Urdu Language.
  • Certificate Course in Sindhi Language